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~ Sunday, October 19 ~

A little low poly fennec fox based on one of Curry’s drawings

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~ Thursday, October 2 ~

A baby Groot that Christina and I made for our art director Kevin’s birthday!

Also, here are some in progress photos.

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~ Sunday, September 14 ~

Low poly Kaleidomoon Scope because Curry likes Sailor Moon a lot. Just went through an item list from the series and chose the one I thought looked like it would be the most fun to make. : )

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~ Sunday, September 7 ~

Another low poly model done for fun! : )

Based on enemy designs that Curry drew for an angler-like cat for the game that we are working on. The enemy is named Captat and the original sketches can be found on her tumblr

The game is actually 2D but modeling this guy out was still a lot of fun and a good learning experience.

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~ Wednesday, September 3 ~

Quick low poly model for fun. A bit of an amalgamation of bomb flowers from different entries in the Zelda series.

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~ Sunday, August 17 ~

If you don’t already know of Alexandre Diboine then you are missing out. He’s incredible! After watching his recent Gumroad video I wanted to try and draw/paint something up.

It feels a bit overworked and I would like to have a more personalized style for this sort of work instead of imitating him so much, but hopefully that will come with time/practice. It was a lot of fun and I highly recommend purchasing his Gumroad video.

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~ Monday, August 11 ~

About a month later and here’s preview number two of this drawing. Haha the progress is slow for sure. Just don’t have the same amount of free time as I used to or something.

Anyway, it’s finally getting somewhere though so hopefully I will finish it soon.

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~ Saturday, July 19 ~

A small sneak peek preview of something that I have been whittling away at in my spare time.

Been really loving this anime/series!

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~ Sunday, April 13 ~

Moon Animate Make-Up Shot 090_032 from Corey Miller on Vimeo.

My Moon Animate Make-Up Shot

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~ Saturday, March 22 ~

Some more low-poly food for unwrap/texture learning (and for fun!)

Wasn’t sure how many frames I should use for the turnaround. It could probably use a few more. *mental note for next time*

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