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~ Sunday, August 17 ~

If you don’t already know of Alexandre Diboine then you are missing out. He’s incredible! After watching his recent Gumroad video I wanted to try and draw/paint something up.

It feels a bit overworked and I would like to have a more personalized style for this sort of work instead of imitating him so much, but hopefully that will come with time/practice. It was a lot of fun and I highly recommend purchasing his Gumroad video.

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~ Monday, August 11 ~

About a month later and here’s preview number two of this drawing. Haha the progress is slow for sure. Just don’t have the same amount of free time as I used to or something.

Anyway, it’s finally getting somewhere though so hopefully I will finish it soon.

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~ Saturday, July 19 ~

A small sneak peek preview of something that I have been whittling away at in my spare time.

Been really loving this anime/series!

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~ Sunday, April 13 ~

Moon Animate Make-Up Shot 090_032 from Corey Miller on Vimeo.

My Moon Animate Make-Up Shot

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~ Saturday, March 22 ~

Some more low-poly food for unwrap/texture learning (and for fun!)

Wasn’t sure how many frames I should use for the turnaround. It could probably use a few more. *mental note for next time*

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~ Tuesday, March 18 ~

A lunchtime sketch that I cleaned up in PS.

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~ Wednesday, March 12 ~

A couple super quick low poly food related models I made over the weekend.

Trying to learn/practice unwrapping and texturing. Figure it’s best to start simple. (also I love low poly things)

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~ Friday, February 21 ~

= SpeedPaint_PhotoStudy_020=

Drawn at lunch the other day … might start these up again.

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~ Tuesday, February 4 ~

I found this while rummaging through my dropbox. Never did finish it or post it anywhere. Doubt I will ever work on it more so might as well post it!  

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I’ve drawn a couple of caricatures for people at work. Haven’t been posting much on here lately, so here they are!

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